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IGN: KramCraft_
By Kram » 11 months ago

GoldenAge Halloween Update

I'm very happy to be announcing our Halloween update is up and running.

We have spent a lot of time on this and we hope you all enjoy it.

Thank you to Hails__ for making our spawn spooky and @GamerBah for making the plugin.

New Spawn

Hails__ made our new spawn very spooky for all of you to enjoy. I would greatly recommend everyone looks around and enjoys everything he put into the spawn. Here are some pictures:

Duel Arena

Hails__ has gone through the trouble of building a brand new and fancy duel arena for all your sp00ky needs. The duel arena is titled HalloweenValley. We may be adding 1-2 more soon.

Here is a sp00ky picture for all of you:

Halloween Sale

We are having a Spooky Halloween Sale during the rest of this month. The sale is for everything listed in the store except the Halloween crate key and sp00ky rank. The sale is 66.6% off. Make sure to buy something while you can!


There were multiple additions to make the spookiness of GoldenAge increased.

  • Jumpscares with Armor Stands

  • Pumpkin masks at random

  • Lightning strikes

  • Bats spawning

  • Constant Night

  • Spooky Music

Trick or Treating

On the 31st a feature will be opened where everyone can do /trickortreat

Every hour you can use this command and when you do so an armor stand will come and you can trick or treat with them and you may get a really cool treat or a really spooky trick.

New Rank

We have created a brand new rank for Halloween. The rank is named the Sp00ky rank.

It comes with an amazing kit and cool features that relate to our Halloween plugin.

This rank will be used yearly and every year it will get better and every year it will cost more. So buy it sooner than later. The rank will be up until November 4th

New Crate

Along with the new rank, we have a brand new crate. The Halloween crate includes some limited time armor and a dragon egg and end crystal and some custom potions. Along with that it has some spooky spawners and spawn eggs. You can buy the key on the store until November 4th.

You can also get this key one time from completing a novice challenge by doing /challenge or /c

You have to harvest 66 pumpkins for 1 Halloween crate key.


We are hoping to add 1 more cool feature to this update. We are unsure of this but we will keep you posted.


We understand not everyone can afford the rank. Because of this, we are giving 1 lucky winner the sp00ky rank. The winner will be announced on the 30th

All you have to do to enter this competition is; reply to this thread and clearly state your favorite feature of GoldenAge. It doesn’t have to be restricted to this update. Anything on the GoldenAge is fine.


We hope you all enjoy this update and we will be back with more amazing updates soon.

Kram, Owner of the GoldenAge


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IGN: gameplayer333
By Game » 11 months ago
Nice work on the new spawn and pvp arena!! And the Halloween crate is Awesome!! I got to say the best thing on the server is the staff team and how they work very hard on this server! Big props to them. GG on who ever wins this Giveaway!! <3 <3


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By Sin » 11 months ago
This Halloween is 'bout to get spoopy at GoldenAge! Personally, my favorite feature of all is Hopper Sync. For all the hopper transportation as well as decrease in hopper usage. Though my favorite feature of the Halloween update has got to be the Spooky Spawn, first of all, great job Hails, GamerBah, for the spoopy new jumpscares with the armor stands and pumpkin masks, and to everyone who has contributed to making the update to GA! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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IGN: Baetawolf
By Baetawolf » 11 months ago
The best thing on GA would be the litebans plugin & messages.yml config


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IGN: Avihay
By Avihay » 11 months ago
Ngl the best thing I love in the server is the communication with the Staff members, I love talking to you guys xD 

cool update :D


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IGN: ngb9
By ngb9 » 11 months ago
Awsome update.  My favorite feature is by far the new spawn it loooks amazing.  The halloween duel arena looks really good too. 


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IGN: _Sammy1620
By Samuel » 11 months ago
Amazing ideas and features kram, and who ever else helped with this project. My favorite features is probably the forces. It are very unique and I can see it get even better later. -Sam


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IGN: TheOneDenz
By TheOneDenz » 11 months ago
Giveaway: What I love about this server is it's unique than other servers and the owner is a great person as I am normally playing the server on my own and he talks to me from the discord chat to keep me happy.


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IGN: KramCraft_
By Kram » 11 months ago
I've picked the winner:
The Winner is:

I'm also giving away 2 halloween crate keys because everyone wrote great responses
Gg Samuel and Sin!
Your prizes will be given shortly