GoldenAge - Christmas Update


Hello everyone, the GoldenAge staff team are proud to present to you our Christmas update. A lot of time and effort when into this and we really hope everyone enjoys it. We are still working hard on an awesome gameplay update and we will release that soon as well. Till then, enjoy this update and the rest of this thread.

Christmas Builds

We have made our spawn spirited for the Holidays. There are many additions we hope you see and appreciate. We have also added 1 Christmas themed Duel arena! Here are some pictures:





Advent Calendar

We have added an advent calendar for all players to use. Each day you get prizes and the prizes get better. You can access the calendar using /adventcalendar


Christmas Tree

We have added the possibility for all players to grow their own Christmas tree! You need a spruce sapling, then craft a Christmas tree maker using 1 emerald in the middle surrounded by 4 diamonds. You then right click the planted sapling using the tree maker and you have your very own tree. You can upgrade trees by right clicking needed materials on the tree. Materials are messaged to you in chat. Trees will automatically have presents underneath them. The better level tree the more the presents.

Christmas Challenge

We have 1 way for everyone to get a free Christmas Crate Key! All you have to do is go to the GUI for challenges by doing /challenges and complete the Christmas Challenge. To do this challenge you have to make tons for snow blocks. 1200 to be exact.


We have added 2 nice but small features for everyone to enjoy. Sometimes (rarely) Christmas music will play. And always, there will be particle snow to give that special white Christmas feel.

And, if you have somehow not noticed, the forums now feel extra holiday themed!

Present Hunt

We have add a feature we believe everyone can enjoy. Scattered in the spawn are 25 presents (Player skulls). If you find and right click all 25 you will get a free christmas crate key. Even if you aren’t able to find all 25, you get $2500 per present found. With even bigger prizes at 5, 10, 15, and 20. Happy Searching!


Occasionally, Santa will randomly come at spawn. It’s announced in chat. The best thing is, he has presents for you! He will randomly drop presents that anyone can pick up. The more you’re online the more likely you will encounter him.

Official Christmas Event

Miksurfs, our manager, will be Holding an amazing Christmas event for all to attend. There will be multiple activities, prizes, and lots of fun.

Activities: Skin Contest, Build Contest, Karaoke Contest, and fighting the Grinch!

Prizes: Santa tag, Mrs.Claus Tag, Santa Armor, Santa Sidekick, and special Loot from the grinch.

All prizes listed are exclusive to this event

When: December 19th 4pm EST.

Where: Discord (Voice Channel - General Lounge #1)


We have added many different products to the shop for your enjoyment and to support the server. On top of this we have an astounding 70% off sale!

Frosty Rank: This Rank has 4 main features, An awesome kit (which has a spawner), A frosty sidekick, a frosty tag and…… Elsa Powers!

Rudolph Kit: This kit has some awesome armor and tools. It includes some building blocks and food as well. The stuff Rudolph would want.

Tags: We have added 2 buyable tags. CandyCane and Hanukkah

Bundles!?: We have added 2 special bundles that are special to Christmas.

  • Christmas Classics Bundle: Frosty Rank, Rudolph kit, Rudolph tag (exclusive to the bundle)

  • Christmas Friends Bundle: Penguin Sidekick, polar bear sidekick, dove sidekick, elf sidekick and tag (exclusive to the bundle)

The sale and all seasonal products will be removed on the 7th on January.



It’s the time of giving. So this is our gift to you. We will be giving multiple prizes from our store. All you have to do to enter this giveaway is to reply to this thread with what you like about the Christmas update or anything you feel about Christmas in general. Winners will be picked on Christmas Day. Exact prizes will be announced. For now, it’s a surprise.


That about wraps it up for this update. Any new additions or changes will be replied down below. Happy Holidays from the GoldenAge staff team!


09 Dec 2017, 05:06 6 | 26
Hello everyone!

This is a fairly short announcement but one to be said nonetheless. Hails__ has built a brand new themed spawn. This one for Thanksgiving/November. @BricesDesigns helped him.
(They had to build it twice because I accidentally did a small mistake where the whole spawn got deleted and we couldn't revert it) 
Anyways, here are some pictures. At the bottom of this thread, I will mention a small competition we will be having. 

So, as you can see in the 3rd picture we have an amazing turkey standing there majestically. 
The sad thing is we don't have a name for him sad
That's where you come in! We are asking the players to suggest a name for our turkey friend.
The winner gets a $10 store coupon and the turkey named with the name suggested and credit to him.
All you have to do to enter is reply with the thread with the name you think the turkey should be named. Please make this name is appropriate and abides by our rules because you will be warned and your post deleted if it's inappropriate.
You may only suggest 2 names. 

- Kram, Owner of GoldenAge. 

07 Nov 2017, 00:08 8 | 18

GoldenAge Halloween Update

I'm very happy to be announcing our Halloween update is up and running.

We have spent a lot of time on this and we hope you all enjoy it.

Thank you to Hails__ for making our spawn spooky and @GamerBah for making the plugin.

New Spawn

Hails__ made our new spawn very spooky for all of you to enjoy. I would greatly recommend everyone looks around and enjoys everything he put into the spawn. Here are some pictures:

Duel Arena

Hails__ has gone through the trouble of building a brand new and fancy duel arena for all your sp00ky needs. The duel arena is titled HalloweenValley. We may be adding 1-2 more soon.

Here is a sp00ky picture for all of you:

Halloween Sale

We are having a Spooky Halloween Sale during the rest of this month. The sale is for everything listed in the store except the Halloween crate key and sp00ky rank. The sale is 66.6% off. Make sure to buy something while you can!


There were multiple additions to make the spookiness of GoldenAge increased.

  • Jumpscares with Armor Stands

  • Pumpkin masks at random

  • Lightning strikes

  • Bats spawning

  • Constant Night

  • Spooky Music

Trick or Treating

On the 31st a feature will be opened where everyone can do /trickortreat

Every hour you can use this command and when you do so an armor stand will come and you can trick or treat with them and you may get a really cool treat or a really spooky trick.

New Rank

We have created a brand new rank for Halloween. The rank is named the Sp00ky rank.

It comes with an amazing kit and cool features that relate to our Halloween plugin.

This rank will be used yearly and every year it will get better and every year it will cost more. So buy it sooner than later. The rank will be up until November 4th

New Crate

Along with the new rank, we have a brand new crate. The Halloween crate includes some limited time armor and a dragon egg and end crystal and some custom potions. Along with that it has some spooky spawners and spawn eggs. You can buy the key on the store until November 4th.

You can also get this key one time from completing a novice challenge by doing /challenge or /c

You have to harvest 66 pumpkins for 1 Halloween crate key.


We are hoping to add 1 more cool feature to this update. We are unsure of this but we will keep you posted.


We understand not everyone can afford the rank. Because of this, we are giving 1 lucky winner the sp00ky rank. The winner will be announced on the 30th

All you have to do to enter this competition is; reply to this thread and clearly state your favorite feature of GoldenAge. It doesn’t have to be restricted to this update. Anything on the GoldenAge is fine.


We hope you all enjoy this update and we will be back with more amazing updates soon.

Kram, Owner of the GoldenAge

24 Oct 2017, 04:47 8 | 29
Hello everyone!

Today I am going to be announcing 3 goals we have and what will happen when we achieve these.

Firstly, We have our community donation goal which you guys have been doing great on.
Once we reach this goal we will start a drop party and giveaway.

Secondly, Our forum. We have been pushing for you guys to use this more as I believe it can help everyone and we can make this forum a fun place to be apart of.
We are currently at 61 members at the time of this thread. Once we reach 100 I will start a giveaway. 

Lastly, our discord. We have been growing this discord by doing a challenge of inviting 25 people into our discord using your 1 permanent link for the squire rank.
At the time of this thread, we have 64 members. Our goal is 100. Please invite users who will be active and enjoy the community. Any bots or fake accounts created and joined will be kicked. Once we reach this goal we will initiate a large giveaway. 

We hope with your help we can reach these goals.
Thank you
- Kram

17 Sep 2017, 18:09 3 | 7

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry for this thread being weeks late. We have been adding multiple features over the course of these weeks.
There were so many changes I won't be able to list them all.
To prevent this from happening again we will be using the changelogs section of our forum more and that will constantly be updated by the developers, jdsgames, or I.
We will be making these update threads every 2-3 weeks from now on.

Here is a list of the features we have added:
  • 1.12 support 
  • Added daily bonus
  • Added vote parties 
  • Changed the price of clay in the store
  • Lag has been fixed
  • Added plugins to find lag and eliminate it
  • Added a fun scramble game in chat
  • Added chat announcements
  • Added a vote leaderboard
  • Crates are being boosted
  • Changed the leaderboard NPCs to armor stands
  • Fixed forum permissions
  • Added a favicon to the forum
  • Added a few forum subcategories 
  • Fixing /staff
  • And More
I'm sorry if I missed a feature we added or tweaked. If this is the case please reply to this thread telling me what and I'll add it.
I'm again very sorry for this late update thread.
- Kram

17 Sep 2017, 18:02 1 | 5